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"Christian Books"


In His Steps
Order In His Steps: By Charles M. Sheldon: Today!
Deeply shaken by the apprearance of a mysterious stranger in town and his impassioned pleas for the poor and downtrodden, the minister and five influential parishoners begin a year-long experience in Christianity. Each has resolved to conduct his life according to the precepts of Christ, applying His behavior to their own lives.

Order The Pilgrims Progress: By John Bunyon: Today!
Journey with Christian on the most incredible adventure ever imagined. Reaching the Celestial City is a little more difficult than our hero bargained for! Will he pass safely through the Valley of the Shadow of Death?
Next to the Bible, this enthralling acount of a Christian's epic journey has probably been more widely read than any other book in the English language.

Order Adventures in God: By John G. Lake: Today!
This book is the personal account and story of John G. Lake in his own words. His testimonies of faith in the healing power of God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will challenge you to reach a new level in your spiritual walk.

Gods Generals
Order Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed Today!
By Roberts Liardon
Robert Liardon provides us with short biographies of a dozen leaders of the Pentecostal, Divine Healing, and Charismatic movements, chronicling their lives, teachings, and spiritual insights.

Smith Wigglesworth
Order Smith Wigglesworth : The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings Today!
By Roberts Lairdon
What can I say? A life - changing book! Chuck away all the dross and light and chaffy "Christian" books that have cluttered your bookshelves over the years. Get into Smith Wigglesworth, see how he lived close to his Lord, and go and do likewise. You'll realise where you've been going wrong. This man lived as he preached. It's a pity we can't find ministry like this today. How many of today's "name it and claim it" prosperity preachers could either live the humble lifestyle Smith did, and at the same time claim to have raised people from the dead in the power of the Lord??!! Buy it now!!!

Power Religion
Order Power Religion : The Selling Out of the Evangelical Church?  Today!
By Charles W. Colson
What happens when the church starts to rely on the world's method of living instead of God's specified plan? Those concerned with the many liberal changes occurring in the evangelical church will be intrigued and awakened by this challenging book. Fifteen theologians and Bible scholars explore how sociology, in the form of the church growth movement, has taken the place of revival and reform.

The Anointing of His Spirit
Order The Anointing of His Spirit Today!
By Smith Wigglesworth, edited by Wayne E. Warner
The Anointing of His Spirit captures Smith Wigglesworth's message of faith. You will find the heart of a man who cried out to God on behalf of others, praying powerfully and effectively for healing and provision--spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical. Today his words still ring with power and continue to inspire incredible faith in those who hear them.

Faith That Prevails
Order Faith That Prevails Today!
By Smith Wigglesworth
Do you need a faith that prevails? Here is a book that can change your life. You"ll find a positive theme throughout that builds faith. And you'll find encouragement for the trial you or a loved one is facing today.

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