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"Christian Books"


Order "Sodom Had No Bible
by Leonard Ravenhill

"Leonard Ravenhill writes with the power and unction of John Wesley. It is impossible to read his works and still remain uncommitted."

When you read this book you are likely to come to the same conclusion. Here are twenty burning essays on the need of spiritual awakening and ten chapters on the impressive lives of remarkably effective Christians who were leaders in true revival. Such an array of truth is bound to make a lasting impression on you.

The Normal Christian Life
Order The Normal Christian Life Today!
By Watchman Nee
Watchman Nee's great Christian classic tracing the steps along the pathway of faith and presenting the eternal purpose of God in simple terms. Its central theme: "Christ our Life.

The Release of the Spirit
Order The Release of the Spirit Today!
By Watchman Nee
Surely this is the hour when the battleground is in the soul. While the Lord is seeking to work through the quickened spirit. Satan is seeking to work throught the natural, soulish life which has not been brought under control of the spriit.

Sit Walk Stand
Order Sit Walk Stand Today!
By Watchman Nee
Such a beautiful book! Essentially a study in Ephesians, Nee transforms three of the most common words in any language into a powerful encapsulation of the believer's experience in Christ Jesus. It's all grace, from beginning to end. Our salvation, our ministry, our spiritual warfare - all rest on Christ's finished work on the cross. One reading is enough to utterly convince, and change your perspective forever, but you'll not read it just once. You'll never look at Ephesians the same way again, either! Nee's little book will have you turning to Ephesians the rest of your life as your first stop in times of spiritual turmoil. Sit, walk, stand - but never stop sitting!


Order The Spiritual Man Today!
By Watchman Nee
It's hard to believe that Watchman Nee had only been a Christian for a few years and was in his early twenties when he wrote The Spiritual Man. This is the first and only book of any substantial size that Nee himself ever wrote, and it is the most comprehensive treatment of spirit, soul, and body ever written. With the precision of a surgeon Nee dissects WHO we are in the light of God's Word, WHY we are the way we are, and HOW it all fits together and relates to God. This is not a book for the casual reader. It will require several readings and many years before it's truths can be grasped, but it's well worth the adventure. Must reading for today's discerning Christian in a world full of half-truths and deceptions.

  Order "Holy Spirit Revivals"
by Charles Finney

Finney's ministry led to some of the most amazing revivals that occurred American history. As he recalls those events in these pages, he reveals the secrets to maintaining the power of God in your personal walk with Him. Discover how you can have a joyful, Christlike life that is continually revived by God's power.

  Order"The Life and Diary of David Brainerd"
by Jonathan Edwards

We live in a day of "easy believism". The days we live in are also sadly characterized by a Christianity, which implies  that life is supossed to always be easy for the child of God. The reader will see both of these delusions dispelled in the life story of David Brainerd. Brainerd, was willing to undergo great hardship to take the true gospel to the natives of his day. His life shows all Christians what happens when "glorifying God and enjoying Him forever" becomes ones chief aim in life. This certainly is not a chicken soup for the soul book that can be read with little thought. This book, however, will challenge every Christian to live for the glory of God.

Order"Song of Songs"
by Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee, with his simple yet profound approach to life in Christ, leads us deeper into understanding the relationship Father God desires with us as He prepares us to become the bride of Christ.                     Nee reveals a God-centered purpose to this often misunderstood treasure of Holy Scripture. For those who regularly underline key passages and thoughts, there are two options. Put away your markers or be prepared to highlight the entire text. I found it difficult to read large portions at one sitting due to the depth of discovery revealed by this wonderful saint's insights. It's an exellent challenge for those who want to draw ever nearer to the Lord.

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