Pastor's Records

New Version 2.0

Pastor's Records is a record storing application designed for Ministers by a Minister. Pastor's Records uses an Access style database to store records and is designed for records pertaining to ministry. Arranged in these categories: Contacts, Conversions, Baptisms, Funerals, Services and Weddings, for easy entry and storage of ministry related data!

New in version 2.0: The ability to make a backup copy of the active database, switch to a different "Pastor's Records" database, create a new database, and import contact records from a previous "Pastor's Records" database. "Pastor's Records" now has the ability to print the records of each tab in a neat header and column format!

Requirements:    Win 95, 98, ME, NT4.0 and Win XP;
                                        24mb ram; Screen Resolution - 800 x 600

Pastor's Records is a 4.20mb download, about 30 minutes at 56k.


Download Pastor's Records Now

To report bugs, or support for Pastor's Records, please send all correspondence to:

THANKS! God Bless!

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